Entrepreneurs are sprouting in Middle America by solving practical problems, not chasing Silicon Valley tech trends.

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Digital Transformation

The Kinetic Fund is focused on early-stage investments in enabling technologies that are attacking big problems to drive impact across the economy.

The capital is concentrated within Oklahoma and throughout Middle America with investments of $250K-$1.5M with opportunity for follow-on funding.

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Innovation is growing here. Investment isn’t keeping pace. We’re changing that.

“Massive startup growth in the 2020s will be in middle America — not Silicon Valley”

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“Billion dollar tech companies don’t have to be built in Silicon Valley”

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Why we are different

Billion-dollar companies are now being grown between the coasts. But the field of dreams and opportunity is still largely unharvested.

There are more good opportunities than there is venture capital in Middle America right now. Our mission is to close this gap by making venture capital more accessible in this part of the country. We’re already seeing  a steady increase in real breakthroughs in key problem spaces.

Less flash, more cash. Getting to a higher ROI by returning to fundamentals.

It’s not just the cost of living — the cost of investing is greater in the Valley. Investors chase a limited pool of tech startups, often paying a massive premium for opportunities that are based on pitches of promise, not probability of profit.

Instead, we invest in a much more diverse array of startups across industries and are able to yield greater returns because there aren’t overblown initial valuations. The market growth opportunity can be greater because the companies we back are pursuing problems that make a big impact with less competition.

Uninterested in chasing the same 'shiny' things the rest of the VC landscape is.

There's a danger in going after all the same hyped-up start-ups as Silicon Valley: hyper-competition among the homogenous landscape, with little vetting. 46VC is fundamentals-first capital. We believe in evaluating opportunities based on their principles — not their perception. We take the time to understand the fundamentals of each deal and how it will generate returns.

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Less friction, more speed. Structure + Execution are our superpowers.

Our experienced investment committee of just three makes decisions quickly. We know this process so well that we can reduce the red tape.

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Join our Angel Network. Advance the region through sustainable impact.

We are able to provide Cowboy Technology Angel members with high-quality deal flow and vetted investable opportunities by leveraging our experience, extended network, and venture ecosystem.

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