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Decentralized Entertainment Economy

What if there was a way for screenwriters, content creators and filmmakers to get paid every time their movie was watched? And what if viewers could watch their favorite movies, shows, and content for free, while still supporting the creators?

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The HALO Project and Future of the Hydrogen Economy

The Department of Energy (DOE) will establish and grant funding to between six to ten proposed H2Hubs across the nation. The goal of this program is to accelerate the adoption of clean hydrogen by developing foundational infrastructure and networks.

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Tulsa-Based Investment Firm Acquired by Hub

The assets of Tulsa-based boutique portfolio management firm acquired by financial giant, Hub International.

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DOE Notifies HALO to Present Full Application for Federal Hydrogen Hub

The HALO Hub, a three-state partnership between Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, set to enter phase II of the Department of Energy's application process.

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HALO Hydrogen Hub activity is picking up in Oklahoma

Bids not even due on Federal funding for the regional Hydrogen Hubs and serious activity is picking up in Oklahoma. Last week, Nel ASA, a Norwegian electrolyzer manufacturer, announced that it has been awarded a 600M NOK contract to supply alkaline electrolyzers to Woodside’s Oklahoma hydrogen project.

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